Employee Testimonials

Reena Veerabathina, AGM

Head, Instructional Design

In the past year, CIHS has grown immensely — both as an organization and in systems and processes. I feel excited to work here. CIHS has given me a platform to prove myself. It inspires me to serve with a purpose and enables me to strive for more.

Gireesh Kumar NS

Deputy Manager, Clinical Training

My background is clinical nursing. When I joined a year ago, my career changed dramatically, there were many changes in my professional and personal life. The organisation has three verticals and people from different locations of India are operating towards a common goal. I got a chance to work with two verticals simultaneously, which made me more confident and experienced in managing things. One thing that I like a lot about CIHS is adherence to good values, ethics and a supportive culture, which motivates me and provides a satisfactory working atmosphere. The guidance and support of seniors enables me to contribute more to the organisational growth.

Dr Balakranthi Powaku

Deputy Manager, Care At Home

When I came for an interview to CIHS my choice was based on two things: the people and the work. I was looking for this intangible quality called a ‘fit’. Maybe it was a conscious or sub-conscious thought process, but CIHS felt right. I believe that CIHS is a ‘flat’ company in terms of management layers, that is everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole and, therefore, a team. Flexibility to manage my work also weighed in on my decision. The additional learning aspect was great too. The company's senior leaders have internalized the goals and objectives they have laid out for us. There is an energy from the top down that is contagious and a synergy across the company laterally. This is an employee-owned company — everyone counts, everyone relies on each other for success. It is just like an Army saying: Mission First, People Always. It never gets boring. We are exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, clinical, functional and technical backgrounds, and are involved in diverse projects with different verticals.

Dr Vinod Kumar G

Senior Manager, Business Development

CIHS is a great place to work. The management is great and very approachable. The suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the planning process. There is transparency in communication and a clear strategy that makes every individual feel a part of the organization’s success story. Along with work we believe in having fun. Team events, anniversaries and sports events are great opportunities to collaborate and connect with each other. I am proud to be a part of CIHS.

Kamini Rathor

Domain Trainer (Nursing)

Sundarnagar, HP

The faculty and staff here are dedicated and innovative. The flexibility and professional environment is great. Initially, I wasn’t sure that joining CIHS was the right decision. But from day one I felt a different type of energy while working with the team. Working as a domain trainer was a new experience. I tried to give 100% to the organization and somehow I succeeded. The team has supported me in every way.

Shanta Jena

Domain Trainer (EMT)


I joined the organisation in June 2017. It has been an overwhelming learning experience. I provide emergency medical training to GNM pass students under the OSDA project. The job of a trainer is a two-way street. I learnt a lot about the advancement in healthcare sciences during my training at hospitals in Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar that enriched my knowledge and now I draw upon my experience to impart knowledge to the trainees. Students not only receive domain hands-on training, but are also given instruction in computers and spoken English, as most of them belong to rural areas. Group discussions, co-curricular activities, yoga and games offer them an all-round experience.