Rainbow Standards of Conduct


Promote togetherness by being sensitive to the feelings of patients, students and fellow associates. Develop a rapport by setting aside adequate interaction time and striking a personal note by going the extra mile in order to develop a meaningful professional relationship.

Build synergy by supporting team members in order to achieve the desired results. Create group cohesiveness by regularly sharing professional information and recognizing good effort.



Create a positive value based enterprise by upholding ethical principles. Take pride in the organization by aligning with its culture, adhering to work processes and by standing up for it.

Foster a sense of belonging by treating people with dignity. Demonstrate respect by being punctual, greeting people, listening to their viewpoint and resolve to build professional capability through continuous learning.



Facilitate better decision making and consequent focused action by creating a work environment where candor flourishes through openness to multiple opinions including constructive dissent.

Create long term sustainability through high quality education and community care services. Continuously endeavor to avail business opportunities while simultaneously exercising frugality in expenditure.



Gender sensitivity through appropriate behavior, language and personal conduct, particularly when dealing with women, while also ensuring equality and workplace safety.