EduMed Partnered with Alfred Health and Monash University

October 2, 2018 By Col. M Rajgopal - Group COO, Care Institute of Health Sciences
EduMed Partnered with Alfred Health and Monash University

Emergency medicine can be a demanding field with a lot of unexpected challenges. A little extra training can go a long way towards helping doctors and nurses excel in a field thats not only fast paced but also critical, as decisions can mean the difference between life and death.

In order to provide advanced clinical training in emergency medicine, EduMed has tied up with Alfred Hospitals - Monash University, Australia, among the world’s leading Emergency & Trauma Centres. EduMed believes in collaborating with the best of the best. There are many features that cement Alfred Hospitals’ position as leaders in emergency and trauma care, one of which is their dedication to constantly improving themselves academically. Alfred Hospitals has an active program of research, education and knowledge exchange open to all health professionals. This includes short courses and conferences, postgraduate programs, research, observational activities and more.

There are different types of short courses that Alfred Hospitals offers, ranging from 3 months courses in emergency medicine to one year programs. The programs are offered in collaboration with its academic partners such as Monash University, The National Trauma Research Institute, The Alfred Trauma Unit, etc.

Alfred Hospitals has also developed unique, specialised Masters and Fellowship programs in emergency medicine and trauma management that are offered in collaboration with Monash University such as Master of Clinical Medicine (Emergency Medicine), The Alfred Fellowship of Academic Emergency Medicine, etc.

Alfred Hospitals places great emphasis on research and development. Research at Alfred Hospitals’ is mostly focused on pre-hospital care, emergency medicine (EM) and trauma resuscitation and focuses on improving safety, satisfaction and quality. There is an emphasis on research, education, evidence-based medicine and international development of EM. As a participant in the Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre under the critical care, trauma and perioperative medicine theme, Alfred Hospitals works with many national research networks including Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) Clinical Trials Group, ANZ College of Anaesthetists Clinical Trials Group, etc.

It is evident that the faculty from Alfred Hospitals - Monash University are best suited for delivering courses in emergency medicine. EduMed’s advanced medical courses not only help you progress in your career but also improve the healthcare industry overall. EduMed’s collaboration with Alfred Hospitals - Monash University is a big step in this direction.

Feel free to browse our range of emergency medicine courses and enroll in a program that will help you rapidly advance in your career.