Importance of International Certifications for Career Enhancement of Medical Professionals

October 24, 2018 By Sarika J. Antony - Head Corporate Communication
Importance of International Certifications for Career Enhancement of Medical Professionals

The healthcare industry is evolving constantly. Hence, it is important for all medical professionals, both experienced and young, to meet global industry standards in all aspects. Becoming a certified medical professional will act as a catalyst to your career growth. As a medical student, you must conduct a thorough research to identify courses which will provide you with an internationally accepted form of certification. An international certification can open doors to top and mid tier hospitals all across the world. An international certification on your resume always helps your application cut through the noise of countless others competing for your spot.

Being internationally certified adds these advantages to a career in medicine:

  • You can expand your scope of practice by going beyond your country’s boundaries.
  • You can increase your earning potential exponentially, because of the differences in the economies of the world.
  • Employers with the highest industry standards become accessible to you.
  • You have a much better chance at beating your competition, which is backed by documented proof.
  • Your aptitude and qualifications as a medical professional are recognized globally, ensuring you respect and acknowledgement in the field of medicine.

At Care Institute of Health Sciences (CIHS), we understand the value an international certificate holds for a medical professional. Through EduMed, we offer our students a blended delivery of courses, conceptualized for both international as well as Indian settings. Our courses vary in duration, from 3 months to as long as a year. Graduating students would hold an internationally recognised specialty qualification and would be eligible for appointment by mid and top tier hospitals across the globe.

Enhance your career by acquiring international certification in your chosen specialty today for a long and successful career.